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My mission is to increase your skill and proficiency in data-related aspects of quality improvement. A better understanding of these concepts will improve your ability to assess and evaluate the quality of care delivery, expand your capabilities, and ultimately further your goal of improving patient care.

Your session will be personalized for your organization to best meet your needs.

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Return on Investment
Control Charting
Quality Measures
Power & Sample Size
Effective Data Displays
Using R for Analytics
Peer-Reviewed Papers
What others have said after a training session with me...

You are very good at taking a very complex topic and demonstrating how to logically and proactively move towards a reasonable approach. Thank you!

Thank you. This was a very valuable session. There were many comments after the session on how good it was.

Great session today! We've heard from several people how much they enjoyed and appreciated the session.

Thank you again for the great presentation and thinking you brought us - we've had excellent feedback from both internally as well as from our external partners. We are so glad we held these sessions.

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