At Solid Research Group, we make your life easier and your projects more effective and efficient because our integrated service capability allows us to address all of your research or project needs: study design, data analysis, and dissemination of results.

Our Services (click on any to learn more):

  • Consulting: To ensure your project or intervention is planned, analyzed, and disseminated like it should be.
  • Analysis: Descriptive, rate calculation, significance testing, survival analysis, etc.
  • Writing and Publishing: Conference posters and presentations, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, and more. Learn about our comprehensive packages that will improve your publication process and allow you to publish more in less time
  • Graphics: High-quality figures and graphs to make your papers and presentations more effective. Stop using simple Excel bar graphs!
  • Seminars: Geared towards those new to peer-reviewed manuscript writing, this 3-hour seminar will lead your team through the entire process of writing, preparing, and submitting your paper to a peer-reviewed journal.  It includes examples, templates, and tips. In addition, those who participate are eligible for a free review (with feedback) for up to 3 papers you are currently working on.

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