Every situation is unique, so I customize my role to fit your needs. 

As a physician researcher, you likely have multiple things you would like to disseminate through peer-reviewed manuscripts, but you may be struggling to determine how many papers to produce, which messages should appear in which papers, and how it all fits within your larger strategy for future research and funding.

Imagine if you could partner with an experienced researcher who can help you establish an intelligent strategy, craft an effective message, and facilitate the efficient production of multiple papers.

For many of my clients, I take on a large portion of the burden of writing and formatting, but the real value for them is having someone come in and lend a critical eye to all aspects of the research and results. They understand that working through the issues I raise ultimately results in stronger papers that more effectively communicate the main message to their intended audience.

How it works: we agree to a 6- or 12-month retainer during which time we do as much as you would like to do, including papers, conference abstracts, grant applications, etc.  

phone: 612-270-0731  

email: csolid@SolidResearchGroup.com