At Solid Research Group, we help physicians publish more of their research in less time.

When you practice medicine and perform research it can be difficult to find time to do everything.
And, when time is short, typically it's your research that gets pushed to the back-burner.

In fact, if you're anything like the physicians I've worked with for the last 17 years, a couple of things are true:

1. You could produce more papers each year if systems were streamlined;

2. You currently spend your own time searching and reading relevant literature;

3. There's no systematic way for colleagues to stay informed about what each other is working on (or plan to work on);

4. There are no systems in place to assist with mentoring residents or young researchers.

Luckily, there's a comprehensive service that not only helps develop individual manuscripts, but consolidates
and organizes the entire publication process in a way that allows you to maximize the impact on your field.

With just a little assistance you can:

  • Produce more papers in less time
  • Stay up to date on current research
  • Develop a cohesive plan within your department for your entire publication process
  • Provide more complete resources and assistance for residents and  young researchers

Through this service you will receive:

- Monthly reports summarizing the latest published studies relevant to your field

- Assistance drafting and editing manuscripts, conference abstracts, and conference posters/presentations

- Specific systems and tools to reduce the time it takes to produce a publication and increase the chance of acceptance

- On-going support and access for residents to answer questions and assist in their development as researchers

Tell me a little bit about you and I'll send you more information: