Writing and Publishing

Disseminating your work is arguably one of the most important aspects of what you do, and often it can seem like it takes forever to do. Do you just want a medical writer? Or do you want someone who will help you produce more papers and abstracts in less time and with a higher chance of being published?

improving your publication process

If you're like most of the researchers we work with, you know how to write and publish your own papers, but you're juggling a lot of different things. We're guessing that:

  • While you produce several papers a year, you have the potential to produce more if systems were streamlined,
  • Conference abstracts and posters/presentations often don't turn into a paper until much later, and potentially represent duplicated work,
  • Your system for determining whether certain results are "publication worthy" is either non-existent or subjective (and variable),
  • To stay on top of relevant literature, you're required to do a lot of your own searching and browsing (and you may miss something),
  • There is no systematic way for you and your colleagues to stay informed about what each other is working on (or planning to work on).

...we can help. Implementing a few simple things can greatly increase the speed in which results are assembled into a publication while greatly decreasing the time and effort you spend to do it. This will result in more publications of higher quality in less time. Tell us about your current situation, or check out our comprehensive package plans.