We are available to speak to your organization about the analysis and dissemination of research and quality improvement initiatives. We get excited about engaging with those who are passionate about the work that they do and who are eager to share it with others so that it can positively impact the quality of care patients receive.


We currently offer a seminar designed for those who are relatively new to peer-review publications. The intended audience includes researchers, healthcare providers, administrators, and project leaders who want to learn how to get the results of their research project or quality improvement initiative into a high-impact journal. Topics covered include:

  • Structuring a paper, starting with an outline and developing the individual sections (Background, Methods, Results, Discussion)
  • In depth understanding of what to include in each paper section
  • Determining which results to present, and how to present them most effectively in tables and figures
  • Identifying potential journals, and how to decide which one(s) to target
  • Preparing a submission, including paper formatting, cover letters, identifying potential reviewers, and meeting journal requirements
  • Responding to reviewer comments and/or resubmitting

Those who attend will receive templates, tips, and a list of resources that can greatly improve paper quality while reducing the time it takes to produce them. Contact us today to learn more about this seminar or to discuss other possibilities.