Dr. Craig Solid assists healthcare providers and organizations with data-driven aspects of quality measurement and assessment.

Make data-driven aspects of healthcare quality a strength of your organization.

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phone: 612-270-0731  

email: csolid@SolidResearchGroup.com

Strategy and Consulting

I am trained as a Statistician and Health Economist with a background in quality improvement and health services research. I have helped QIOs and QIN-QIOs secure and execute federal contracts and consulted on national quality measurements and assessments for physician groups. I have also collaborated with University physicians and researchers

American Medical Association (AMA) • Stratis Health • Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality • Optum  • University of Minnesota • Indiana University •

Training and Speaking

I have previously given seminars and guest-lectures on several topics, including: analytic methods related to continuous quality improvement (control charting, etc.), the process of calculating the return on investment (ROI) for quality improvement initiatives, and the steps involved in writing and formatting peer-reviewed manuscripts for journal submission.

American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) • ICSI •        Kidney Care Quality Alliance (KCQA) • Medronic •              NYU • Boston Scientific • Harvard Medical School