At Solid Research Group, we help shape healthcare delivery and national healthcare policy by quantifying and disseminating results of our clients' health research and quality improvement initiatives. Our extensive background in statistical analysis, research, and writing about health and healthcare allows us to effectively illustrate the impact of projects on the healthcare industry.

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Health research and quality improvement can often feel like a disjointed, complicated process. We can fix that.

Consulting: We can help ensure your research or quality improvement project is properly planned, thoroughly analyzed, and widely disseminated so that it has the biggest impact for the largest number of providers and patients.

Analysis: We have almost two decades of experience performing analyses on health data, including rate calculation, survival analysis, adjusted multivariate modeling, and simulation.

Writing and publishing: Conference posters, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, environmental scans; we have the capacity to assist you in all facets of the many ways that you disseminate your results. We do more than just write: we can help you develop systems to produce more publications in less time

Tell us about you and your situation, so that we can help ensure you achieve your research and quality improvement goals.